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Innovation is the driving force behind our vision to provide open-access, evidence-based, adaptive, and  scalable parenting support through equitable partnerships and collaboration. We use an iterative, feedback loop approach to engineer human-digital interventions that are responsive to emerging needs and issues for parents/caregivers, children, and implementing partners. A key aspect involves building partnerships and ecosystems that enhance learning and capacity development. This includes our commitment to co-creating an open-source digital architecture that is available for all to use.

The Innovate brick is led by IDEMS International (Innovations in Development, Education, and the Mathematical Sciences) whilst overlapping with the Innovate brick, the Measurement of Playful Parenting at Scale Using Machine Learning is led by Stellenbosch University. 

Our Innovation Principles

  • Promoting Simplicity for actors to support inclusivity, enabling diverse contributors to build together.
  • Fostering Creativity to encourage local partners to adapt rather than adopt interventions.
  • Coherent Interoperability to ensure reusability of technical solutions and consistency of human experiences.
  • Embracing Complexity in systems to respond to real world situations and evidence based expert knowledge.
  • Encouraging Reusability by using open licenses and supporting contributions from partners with diverse expertise.
  • Building Capacity of local partners to co-build an open community developing the technologies.