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We aim to rapidly advance the evidence and transferability of the PLH digital and hybrid playful parenting programmes across diverse populations in Africa and Asia.

This ambitious programme of research will make a substantial contribution to our understanding of the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, transferability, and scalability of human-digital parenting programmes promoting playful parenting, learning through play, and child developmental and educational outcomes, while reducing risks of violence against children and family violence. 

Our studies will build on foundational research already conducted piloting our innovative human-digital hybrid parenting programmes.

Our research addresses the urgent need to establish the evidence of the effectiveness of these programmes while embedding them within existing government, NGO, and private sector systems in low- and middle-income countries.​​

Our Research Studies

The GPI features nine core current and upcoming research-within-implementation studies in South Africa, Tanzania, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Uganda. In addition, we work in 22 other countries, mostly in the Global South, conducting research and crisis responses.

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